Forget the Youtube clips, burn your guitar books & cancel your lessons...
Because here's how to play 4 songs on the guitar in 7 days.

Learning guitar is an amazing journey but a very interesting one too! There's a lot of information out there and so many ways to learn. Sometimes, it can be too much with little or no progress. 

And if you want to pay for a private tutor, it can get really expensive for a great one plus you're either traveling or cleaning up for someone coming over. 
  1. It's time for a new way to learn guitar if: 

    • You've tried lesson websites only to not know where to begin
    • Learning nursery rhymes, with no foundation, doesn't sound alluring
    • You're fed up with YouTube clips
    • Actually want to know what you're doing when you play
    • You want to stop paying for in-person lessons to save time and travel
    • You want to wipe the dust off your guitar and dreams
    • You want to finally stop struggling to learn guitar
You know what not learning guitar is costing you daily. Your soul freedom, creative expression and fun. You want to see new places and meet new people while accessing unique musical opportunities

But you have bills and a house...and a job...and a family...and the list goes on and on! It's hard to fit learning guitar in because first you have to figure out what to learn, learn it, practice it, measure your progress and repeat.

You've looked up free guitar lesson sites and left confused. You're annoyed with the little progress from YouTube clips. And all the guitar books that are pretty much made for children aren't gonna cut it, are they??? 

After a few weeks with miniscule progress, you tried guitar apps with bouncing balls. (IDK about that one, bro) Then you look for an awesome private teacher, and the one you want is out of your budget. But you saw another one that was too far; and this other one didn't have any good time slots for you!

So, then you just give up Besides, someone told you it's "childish" anyway. Now, your guitar just sits there collecting dust instead of vibrations. 

I know the struggle. I've been playing guitar for about 20 years and have tried everything under the sun. And as I reflect back on my past, I've determined what would've been best for me to learn at different times in my guitar journey. 

I don't want beginners like you to take 20 years to get good at guitar.
You thought learning guitar would be easier and more fun, just like we all do! It can be, though. You can learn the foundation of the guitar and how to play songs in less than a week! 

You can get that coordination, flexibility and strength you're looking for. You can play the blues, latin jazz, folk, rock and pop music. You can be a master at rhythm and scales. You can know what you're playing and why. You can write your own music. 

You can meet other musicians and jam with them. You can play for your friends and family. You can join that band you always wanted. You can experience new opportunities through music. You can be the guitar player you've always dreamed! And you can do it in less than 3 months...

With the Beginner Guitar Lessons Video Course!​​​​​

  1. Not only will you become wonderful at guitar, but you'll be so good you could teach another what you learned. Playing guitar isn't just about hitting strings, as you'll learn with your video course. With playing guitar, you'll see how you can: 
    • Relax & unwind after a busy day, even in a short time frame
    • Boost your listening and communication 
    • Improve your reading and comprehension
    • Foster self-expression while improving creativity
    • Enhance your body coordination
    • Gain confidence
    • Meet new people

    But you can't do this alone or with any ole' information. My guitar course is guaranteed to help you achieve your specific goals! This course is structured from beginning to end in a way that's best for beginning guitarists to learn, absorb what they learn, and incorporate what they learn in their daily journey.  

    You'll be set up for optimal success. You no longer have to worry about the little stuff because I laid it out for you; all you have to do is follow along. You have lifetime access unless otherwise specified and this is what comes with your 22 video lesson course: 

    • Personal video lessons delivered straight to your inbox with downloadble options as well as a link for online access 
    • Lesson resource packet and online access options for every resource you need for that particular lesson 
    • A lesson overview and homework sheet for each lesson

    ​With these bonuses: 

    • Weekly guitar player assessments for formative progress measuring
    • Monthly guitar player assessments for summative progress measuring 
    • "How to Get Started Playing Guitar" Beginning Guitarist's Starter Kit so you can be ideally prepared for the lessons. 
    • Exclusive access to a private, supportive Facebook community group of guitar players just like you
    • FB Live Q & A's (twice a month) 

    You'll get access to 10 beginner guitar lessons divided into 22 parts, for life. That's 22 video lessons delivered straight to your inbox for ease! Lessons also feature various styles of music, appropriate for all ages: blues, rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, funk, reggae and more.
    Playing guitar is interesting indeed...  

    • Heal a heart
    • Make money
    • Improve your multi-tasking and time management
    • Empower yourself and others
    • Reduce stress and lower your blood pressure
    • Develop more patience and persaverance 
    • Gain discipline and structure
    • Find joy

A great guitar teacher will easily charge over $60/hour. And all you get is an hour of their time, once a week. I want to help and guide you; but I also want you to learn what you're doing well enough that you can be an independent, tenacious guitar player! 

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Chinese proverb

The assessments and starter kit are worth about $30 together. Plus the video lesson itself is just like my online lessons but enhanced. Those videos edited and downloadble are $60 each and you'll be getting 22 videos. That's a lot of money that you won't be spending, don't worry!

Then it's $80 for each recital, jam session, and workshop. And $100 for each hourly private session. As you can see, I could easily charge over $3000 for this online course! But I don't and I know you're here to save money.   ​​
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  1. There are 3 packages but all have the same starting point: 
    All bundles have these:
    • 22 video lessons with:
    • Resources, online and paper
    • Practice music
    • Lesson Overview & Homework sheet
    • Video examples of exercises and songs taught
    • Private Facebook group access
    • FB Live Q & A’s for guitar questions
    • Access to participate in quarterly performance recitals

    The 3 choices for packages are:

    Jam Band Specialist priced at $250 or 3 payments of $100:
    • All of the Above
    • Discounted guitar workshops w/ resources
    • Free text/email with me for help with lessons

    Hometown Guitar Hero priced at $400 or 3 payments of $150:
    • All of the above
    • FREE guitar workshops w/ resources
    • Jam Session access
    • Group Coaching Session access
    • Free text/email with me for help with lessons

    Road Tour Star priced at $500 (only 12 available, while supplies last) or 3 payments of $200:
    • All of the above
    • FREE guitar workshops w/ resources
    • Jam Session access
    • Group Coaching Session access
    • 1 FREE PRIVATE coaching session per month
    • Free text/email with me for help with lessons

    ​Buy your video course now or contact me to set up your payment plan. After you purchase your course, you'll receive your New Student Packet for download immediately. That will include your: 

    • Welcome video
    • Welcome letter
    • Online course contract
    • 3 months worth calendar of events
    • Detailed lessons overview
    • Your specific package details
    • Weekly and monthly guitar player personal assessments 
    • "How to Get Started Playing Guitar" Starter Kit

    You'll need some time to look over that stuff so you'll receive your first lesson within 72 hours to lay down the foundations of the guitar. You'll then receive your lesson every 3 days, till completion, while being supported by the guitar community and taking advantage of all the musical opportunities!  (3 days is a good amount of time to go through the lesson, practice it and assess yourself. But you also can go as fast or as slow as you want.) 

  1. "Very pleased with the time I spent with Rachel! She is patient and takes her time when explaining everything! I feel comfortable recommending her services to everyone." -Sarah H.
    "Rachel O.C. helped me by providing a unique angle of exposure via Snapchat AND, more importantly, some really rad content for aspiring music artists like myself. Not a lot of people are putting in the effort to create something interesting so I really appreciated the effort. One thing I really liked was her attention to creating content that was directly and actionable to artists. It wasn't all fluff and no substance; there were some damn good suggestions! Also, I have to say I appreciate the "giving back" element of featuring artists in her own audience/community - clever and generous way to source music! I found the experience to be one that put a smile on my face!  I was more than happy to be a part of it. I would recommend Rachel O.C. to people who need some direction and actionable advice for taking their art from hobby to something more. If you've got the passion and talent covered on your end, Rachel can help with the strategic side and fill in the gaps you need to advance yourself." -Brandon L. 
    "Rachel is a great teacher. She is patient with people and explains things so anyone can understand and learn. Rachel loves what she does!" -Maria G.
  1. "Can't I just learn everything on my own? Do I really need lessons?" 
    You can and take 20 years, like me, to get good. You can have materials but you need someone to help you plan your attack. You need someone who has experience to guide you.

    A good teacher can:
    • Help you avoid learning bad habits
    • Watch your technique for signs of problems
    • Help you learn songs fit to the lesson and your skill level
    • Help you learn music you love
    • Give you opportunities to meet new people and play with experience musicians
    • Hold you to a high standard and holds you accountable by putting on positive pressure

    You don't want to spend what little free time you have trying to figure out what to learn and if you're even doing it right. Your teacher has already done that for you! Save years of hassle and get help with passing your frustrastions. Your teacher isn't only your teacher, but also your friend!

    In order to become a good guitarists and achieve your goals, you need to study with someone who can help you understand the complexity of becoming great! 

    "Isn't this just like every other guitar lesson website?" 
    No! Most online guitar lesson membership sites just through you into a portal of videos with no structure. Leaving you confused on where to start. My guitar course is delivered straight to your inbox every 3 days for easy access. And I have yet to see one that offers private coaching, group coaching, jam sessions, recitals, exclusive student-to-teacher access and a private FB community along with the structured guitar course. 

    "I don't have time to do all the extra stuff. Can I just get video lessons?"
    You can definitely just get video lesson. If you'd like to have the option to participate in the worskhops, recitals, etc and can't make it, you'll receive a recording of it within a week after the event. 

    "Will I actually learn songs? Will I be able to write songs one day?" 
    Yes and absolutely! Every lesson includes popular songs from various genres to fit the theory and techniques taught. And I believe after a few months of learning the basics, you'll definitely be able to write a song. That being said, you have to practice and really dedicate yourself to guitar if you want to write sooner than later. 

    "How does this all work?" 
    When you buy the best lesson package for you, you'll immediately receive a New Student Packet to download.  This will include: 
    • Welcome video
    • Welcome letter
    • Online course contract
    • 3 months worth calendar of events
    • Detailed lessons overview
    • Your specific package details
    • Weekly and monthly guitar player personal assessments 
    • "How to Get Started Playing Guitar" Starter Kit

    You'll receive your first lesson 72 hours after you download your New Student Packet. This will give you time to look over your packet and be prepared for success with your lessons. 

    "What kind of equipment should I have?"
    When you join my course, you'll receive a New Student Packet. That packet contains everything you need to get started on getting new or more equipment. You can always refer to the
    "How to Get Started Playing Guitar" page!

    "What if I don't like the lessons or need to cancel?"
    I offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, full refund if the course contract is returned to me within 7 days after purchase. You don't have to do the contract, but you also forfeit the full refund; you;ll be entitled to a pro-rated refund. After 90 days (with contract), the refund will be pro-rated. 

    "Is this for anyone?"
    Pretty much, yes. As long as you can read and have a basic understanding of technology and the internet than you can surely take lessons. Or someone to help you. This course is designed for anyone of any age.

    "Why are there only 12 top packages?"
    Because, due to my availability, I can only fit a max of 12 private lessons into my schedule. 

    "What if I don't have all the money?" 
    No worries! Contact me via email, phone or social and we can set up a payment plan.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! 
"Rachel does an amazing job preparing each lessons material and uses a variety of media to make the weeks class easily understandable and accessible. Ours are completed online and I find it easy to learn and enjoy regardless of not being conducted in person. Rachel also finds ways to make the lessons fun and enjoyable through interaction. Highly recommended!" -Mike T.
"She connected right away with my 11 year old daughter. Very professional and personable." -Jamie V.​​​​
"Rachel is very nice and patient. She teaches in a way that keeps me interested and excited about learning!" -Kristen P. ​​
-Kim C.
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I hope to help you learn guitar and become friends! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can go to my Contact page or click the links below. Have an awesome day and thank you for considering me! 

All the Best,