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Introducing the rigorous environment that challenges you to grow as a guitar player...

​and measure your guitar mastery without a private teacher. 

Now, your guitar playing has more meaning. Now, you alone, can close the gap between your guitar knowledge and learning goals. You can now evaluate your guitar skill acquisition and achievement all at once. 

Well, I mean, that is if you:

  • Want to take pride and ownership in your own learning
  • Want to possess a more positive attitude towards your own guitar abilities
  • Want to learn how to judge the quality of your own skill against well-defined criteria
  • Wnat to develop invaluable skills for a lifelong guitar learning journey

You teach yourself guitar and you know how to play. You know the basics of checking your technique during the lesson and practice times. But you want to check your mastery of certain scales, rhythm exercises, finger exercises, songs, etc. And how do you know you're meeting the benchmark standard? Are you even close? 

You know measuring guitar mastery gives you a clear target to work towards. You know it produces great increases in your mastery. You know it connects learning objectives with real life situations. 

Achieve mastery success with the "Montly & Quarterly Mastery" Assessment. Watch your results skyrocket by giving you a focus while aiming. This assessment: 

  • Teaches you how to requisite skills to monitor
  • Increases your guitar rigor
  • Measures your mastery like an amazing, private tutor would
  • Teaches you how to take responsibility for meeting goals
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Helps create an appropriate learning environment
  • Helps you retain everything you've been learning for even longer

The assessment comes in 2 versions. 1 e-version and 1 printer friendly version. You can transfer the e-version to a PDF editing platform to use it digitally. And of course, the printer friendly one is printable and meant to be written on. 

Every month or 3 months, pull this assessment to your side and give yourself a "final exam". For best results, video record yourself on a phone or computer. You'll then be able to watch yourself while measuring your mastery level. It also has a section for keeping yourself accountable for your "homework".This assessment measures your mastery of finger and rhythm exercises; scales; musical pieces and more. Think of it as a "summative" assessment. (If you wanna check your technique during lesson/practice, go here

This assessment (and my other) were created by me for my private guitar students. I don't see the point of withholding this info to self-teaching guitarists so they can get better. My goal as a teacher is to help people learn guitar, not just to have them as private students. 

Click the "Get It Now" button to be on your way to your immediate download of the "Monthly & Quarterly Mastery" Assessment in 2 versions. If you're not fully satisfied within 14 days, you'll be given a full refund.

Check out testimonials here and please let me  know if you have any questions. You can contact me via social, email or text.

Happy Holidays! 

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